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Is Bankruptcy Right for You?

Your debt may be piling up and creditors may be constantly harassing you for money that you simply do not have at the moment. Although bankruptcy is not always the most beneficial route, bankruptcy can, at times, be the most cost-effective way for a debtor to eliminate the financial problems that they are currently experiencing. If you do file for bankruptcy, expect to have monthly payments that can last anywhere from 9-21 months, or 24-36 month for a second time bankrupt. At Debtor Advisory, we can accurately assess your circumstances and advise how bankruptcy may improve your financial position.

The monthly payments that you will make after filing for bankruptcy are determined by:

  • Your monthly household income
  • The size of your family
  • Any un-exempt assets that you may own

Bankruptcy may be the right solution that you need for your financial problems. The process is confidential. We can most often help you can help you keep the assets you deem necessary. There is both federal and provincial legislation that allows you certain protections. During the bankruptcy process, creditors will not be able to sue you, call you, garnish your wages, or lien or seize your property. Call our team at (800) 659-9504 for debt consulting advice regarding this complicated solution.

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