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Consumer Proposal

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At Debtor Advisory, we offer a variety of debt solution options, including a consumer proposal service. We negotiate consumer proposals with an officer of the court, better know as bankruptcy trustees. The court officer represents your creditors interests and we represent yours. These are legally-binding agreements that are settled through a consumer proposal administrator. These agreements not only help arrange a partial repayment of your debt, but provide you with the immediate protection that you need from debt collectors.

  • Paying a portion of the principal amount of debt (usually between 20-50%)
  • Creating monthly payments that typically last between 24-60 months
  • No interest continuing to accumulate
  • The ability to terminate the program immediately with a lump sum payment

This can be an excellent alternative to bankruptcy, as both parties agree to “meet in the middle.” The debtor agrees to pay off a portion of what they owe and the creditor agrees to forgive the rest of the balance. Contact us at (800) 659-9504 and schedule a free consultation to discuss if our consumer proposal services are the option for you!

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