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Implementing The Do-Nothing Option

When should I decide to not take action at all?

Not all of our clients at Debtor Advisory have the time, the willingness, or the financial resources to either file for bankruptcy or take another course of action to start to repay their debts. At times, refraining from taking any further action to settle your debt may actually be in your best interests. Taking action can lead to unintended consequences and further damage your financial position, leaving you worse off than before.

There are numerous benefits associated with the “Do-Nothing” option, including:

  • No repayment of debts, offering a free form of debt relief
  • The ability to plan for alternative debt relief solutions in the future
  • A high probability of no further litigation or settlement

Speak with one of our friendly and professional representatives about your unique situation! Schedule a free consultation to learn more about the “Do-Nothing” option or call the Debtor Advisory team at (800) 869-9504 for further information.