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  • "[Bankruptcy Trustees] wanted me to pay back ½ of my outstanding debts, but my Debt Advisor negotiated the proposal with a different Court Officer for me and we paid only 22%... What a savings!"

    Lisa, Advertising Agent – Red Deer, Alberta
  • "I wish I had known the things you have taught us a couple of years ago... We survived, and a large debt of gratitude is left owing to our Debt Advisor."

    Mary and Bernard, Receptionist and Union Worker – Edmonton , Alberta
  • "I had [...] student loans over $30,000.00 with payments of $400/month for seven years. [...] I now have payments of only $200/mo. for 36 months to eradicate my student loans."

    Nena – Calgary, Alberta
  • "You have alleviated our debt and changed our lives. Your assistance really put things into perspective and made the process rather enjoyable. We look forward to working with you in the years to come."

    Howard, Manager – Vancouver, BC
  • "It feels great to be in control and know we are well on our way to creating a positive net worth again. There is no way we would have made these decisions or had this financial stability without your knowledge, your encouragement, your guarantees, and your support. God bless you."

    Leanne, Nurse – Vancouver, BC