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At Debtor Advisory, we act as an advocate for you, the debtor. Our specially-trained group of advisors have a primary focus of providing a wide range of services for both individuals and small businesses primarily in the Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary areas. We offer private consultations, as well as services for the consolidation, reduction, and elimination of your debt.

While most of the companies in the debt management industry actually work either directly or indirectly for the creditors, we work for you. This allows us to give you unbiased, well-informed advice, and a reason to continuously fight for fair treatment and the legal rights that you have as a debtor.

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Voluntary & Legislated Solutions to Your Financial Difficulties

From the perspective of our company, creditors would like you to focus on the complete repayment of debt, rather than its reduction or elimination. We have a much different way of thinking, and that is why we play such a critical role in the management of consumer and business debt. Our company provides more effective strategies for those who can no longer pay their creditors and are at the end of their borrowing limits. If you truly want to reduce the stress and complications caused by debt, our team can help you understand how the industry functions, and find the correct solutions to your financial difficulties.

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